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To make it impossible for our children to fail.
A movement supporting a people impacted by slavery.

In this day and age, why is The 2060S Project necessary?

The short answer to the question is embedded in beliefs that Black Americans have been impacted by the ills of slavery. In order to understand this theory, one must (minimally) attempt to appreciate Black American’s life-experiences since slavery ended in 1865.

The egregious treatment of Black Americans in the slavery and post-slavery eras has contributed to a broader plan to mitigate their progress and equality.

Relentless strategies in the post slavery era connected to legal lynchings, Jim Crow laws, segregation, racism, discrimination, police brutality and mass incarceration have been the basis for vigorous pursuits of the inequality of Black Americans.

Consequently, a large faction of Black Americans is still being impacted by the norms of slavery “passed down.” The validation of these theories has been best articulated by Dr. Joy DeGruy in her book “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” Her work is structured, comprehensive, direct and offers unprecedented clarity on the topic.


What is the solution to the impact of slavery on Black American people?

The only solution to Black American inequality in the United States is unrelenting accountability in the Black American community. This accountability must be structured and guided by a solid plan for winning. The 2060S Project is that plan.

Black Americans must build generational cycles of producing best-in-class children with skill-levels that will make it impossible for them to fail. Reading will serve as the unshakable foundation for The 2060S Project.

There is a very important fact that must be addressed here – the importance of reading. Reading is the undisputed basis for existing in any culture. Reading is so important to life, it should be ranked at the top with oxygen.

States in the South did not enact laws that made it illegal for slaves to read because they didn’t want slave to be social or entertained. They did so in alignment with a strategy to ensure the inequality of Blacks to Whites. When you think about this premise, one might imagine reading would be a higher priority in Black American communities. But, that is not the case.


How will The 2060S Project’s mission be accomplished by the end of 2060’s decade?

The answer to this question is far more complex than the simplistic answer to the question… “what” needs to be done. This solution will require a level of coalescing that is hard to imagine achieving. Nonetheless, our goals must be accomplished. Failure is not an option.

The success of The 2060S Project will hinge on the will of hopeful Black Americans –  many of whom ancestors contributed to the founding of The United States of America. In addition, the leadership of The 2060S Project will aggressively work to engender broad support from other members of the United States citizenry – members of all races.

Given the high hurdles that must be cleared initially, the absolute (short-term) number one priority of the The 2060S Project is to strengthen the organization’s corporate structure.


The solution to inequality is simple. So simple, there are no alternatives. We must go back to the basics. We must start today confirming that our children can read. If not, we must teach them and ensure they read with frequency for the rest of their childhood and (ideally) for the rest of their lives.

Workforce Development is the process of proactively assessing and being developed for specific jobs in the ever changing job-market. Parents must start to take this  important accountability serious. They should work with their children to (first) understand what their children “want to be when they grow up.” Next, they should assist them in researching high demand/highly compensated jobs. Children should start early understanding how jobs are connected to company’s business (i.e. Information Technology). The most important aspect of Workforce Development is mastering skills required to highly perform in specific jobs. Workforce Development has three REWARDS Life Principles:

Reading is the basis for learning. All children should be reading by age 3

Education is the best way to become qualified for the absolute best paying jobs

Working is critical for living, raising a family and growing wealth


Individuals do not get to measure their own integrity. That measurement is done by others. In many cases, by complete strangers. It matters how you chose to behave in public. It matters how you look, how you speak, how you smell and how you eat. When children consistently behave inappropriately, they will not be taken seriously.

Often, one’s integrity will carry more weight than their best-in-class skills. For instance, if you have a felony record, your masters degree will become less important to hiring managers. Keep your integrity in check. Integrity has two REWARDS Life Principles:

Accountability is all about knowing right from wrong and making smart choices

Respect is how one shapes their character… i.e. respect for one’s self and others


Supporting the children who will become the adults of the next generations is profoundly important. It is for this reason; parenting should not be based on past experiences or norms passed down. History has proven, due to the lack of adequate guidance, far too many of our children will live their entire lives by chance. This dreadful cycle which all but ensures failure can no longer be perpetuated. It can no longer be the norm. Every child deserves a fair chance. Not a single child’s life should left to chance. Why? Because the United States of America, the most prosperous nation in the free world, has proven to be unforgiving of Its citizen unprepared to WIN. Our children must be dressed up and ready to go. Parents and other adults have the responsible to make it happen.

Help Us Help Them. Next Generation has two REWARDS Life Principles:

Duty has to do with the notion of (unconditionally) helping others in need – especially our children.

Saving money is how prosperity is achieved. It’s the path to growing wealth.



Proportional proceeds from book-sales linked to this site will be donated to The 2060S Project. Please use code “2060S” when purchasing your signed copy(s).

Ralph Harper is the founder of The 2060’s Project. He is a leader, business owner, public speaker, mentor and the author of  Own The Change – How Our Children Will Lead The Next Cultural Movement.  In Own The Change, Harper initiates his plan for the complete irradiation of inequality in the United States. The book outlines the journey of black Americans, from the bonds of slavery to the first black president, to the current struggles black Americans are facing.

Harper also points out that the seventh decade of each century has brought great change for black Americans. Now, as we approach the 2060s, we must raise the next generations in a way that will set them up for success. His seven life principles, which emphasize a sense of duty, accountability, education, and hard work, will benefit people of every race, creed, and social status.

A must-read for parents, teenagers, other adults with influence over children (i.e. teachers, other family members, mentors), students of black history and for anyone interested in social change, this book outlines steps readers can take right now to make America the “perfect union” of equality and prosperity it has always had the potential to be.



Considering the genuine intentions of the founders of the United States, it is profoundly disheartening to witness polarization, discrimination, and inequality so prevalent in these modern times. And while the courage of a few with fierce determination to achieve our forefather’s intended, righteous values has yielded measurable progress, our cultural norms have fallen short of the vision.
own the change podcast

Ralph Harper shares his vision for the future of the United States. Think of this platform as a roadmap from a dark history on a continuum to brighter days in the 2060’s decade.


The team making the 2060s project a reality

Ralph Harper
Chairman and President

Ralph Harper is a seasoned IT professional, He spent his corporate career at PepsiCo.

Harper founded DPLOYIT Staffing in 2002. In 2008 and again in 2014, DPLOYIT was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

Harper  is Chairman of the board at “THE 2060S PROJECT”, a nonprofit organization. He is the author of “Own the Change – How Our Children Will Lead The Next Cultural Movement” – the book from which The 2060S Project was derived.

Harper is a motivational speaker – primarily covering topics related to plight connected to under-served children.

Fern Johnson
Board Member

Fern Johnson is an accomplished Information Technology executive with a passion for driving business transformation, building inclusive workforces and developing high-performing teams.

Currently, as Sr. Director of Manufacturing OT Cybersecurity at PepsiCo, Johnson has global accountability providing solutions that lower vulnerability risks across the Supply Chain (~350 locations globally).

Previously, Johnson was Sr. Director/CIO for PepsiCo’s Global Procurement and Supply Chain functions.

Johnson is a champion of PepsiCo’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. She has been recognized by PepsiCo with three Harvey C. Russell Chairman’s Awards for Diversity.

Johnson has a bachelor’s degree from Pace University. She currently sits on four boards – Big Brothers Big Sisters, IT Senior Management Forum, the Art Centre of Plano and The 2060’s Project. Johnson is a world traveler with over 25-years’ experience at PepsiCo.

Cody Morris
Board Member

Cody Morris is a software engineer who thrives on new challenges and building products that simplify people’s lives.

In previous roles, Cody has built everything from influencer shopping platforms to supporting the advertising presence of global brands.  Currently, as Co Founder & Director of Engineering at Aerostrat, Cody builds aircraft maintenance software aimed at helping Airlines and MRO’s plan for the future.

For the 2060’s project, Cody has a vision of building a global platform to advance the mission of the organization: eradicate illiteracy and drive social change, through technology.

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