What is the solution to the impact of slavery on Black American people?

What is the solution to the impact of slavery on Black American people?

The only solution to Black American inequality in the United States is unrelenting accountability in the Black American community. This accountability must be structured and guided by a solid plan for winning. The 2060S Project is that plan.

Black Americans must build generational cycles of producing best-in-class children with skill-levels that will make it impossible for them to fail. Reading will serve as the unshakable foundation for The 2060S Project.

There is a very important fact that must be addressed here – the importance of reading. Reading is the undisputed basis for existing in any culture. Reading is so important to life, it should be ranked at the top with oxygen.

States in the South did not enact laws that made it illegal for slaves to read because they didn’t want slave to be social or entertained. They did so in alignment with a strategy to ensure the inequality of Blacks to Whites. When you think about this premise, one might imagine reading would be a higher priority in Black American communities. But, that is not the case.

Illiteracy is a dreadful norm passed down for generations. It is not a disease that is only connected to Black Americans. It affects people of all races the exact same way. It is a disease that that must be addressed broadly in order to validate the hope of Black American children and under-served children of all races in this country.

The notion that Black American people are still somehow impacted by slavery is  complicated. However, the norms passed down conflated with persisting measures to assure inequality have been real and proven impactful. These mitigating practices have persisted for over a one-hundred and fifty years. A reality serving as proof inequality will never be solved by Black Americans and other adults willing to take on this mission.

The solution to the inequality of the Black American race can only be achieved via the comportment of Black American children over the course of time as they traverse life to adulthood.

Our children’s success will be realized when they are appropriately guided. Adults must be willing and capable of guiding Black American and under-served children to the future on a quest to the end of the 2060’s decade. The focus will be on developing our children intellectually, socially and economically.

The 2060S Project derived from the book, “Own The Change – How Our Children Will Lead The Next Cultural Movement.” Ralph Harper is the Author.

“Own The Change” introduced the WIN Model which touts seven REWARDS life principles that must be instilled in our children – starting with reading at age three.

The proposed solution to this monumental problem of inequality is (ironically) so fundamental there are no other alternatives. The REWARDS Life Principles structured under the WIN Model must be instilled in our children starting today and everyday going forward. We must revisit the basics – Reading, Education, Work, Accountability, Respect, Duty and Saving (REWARDS).

By teaching our children the fundamentals of what it takes to WIN in the most prosperous nation in the entire world, we will solve the age-old problem of inequality.

THE 2060S PROJECT lays out a national strategy that spans over fifty-years – January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2069.

The WIN Model is broken into three discipline areas:

Workforce Development

There is a simple question most children are asked prior to becoming an adult… what do you want to be when you grow up? Most adults ask this question while lacking the will (and sometimes capability) to do something to support the child with their answer. Our children must be prepared to appreciate the profound importance of working in the United States. This process should start with precepts form the WIN model starting at age three years old.

In an “insights” document titled “Exponential leadership through digital learning”, Deloitte puts workforce Development into perspective this way:

“What’s needed now is a better way to develop the next generation of leaders—one that moves beyond the traditional models and modes of learning and supports continuous, lifelong development.”


The United States is by far the most prosperous nation in the entire world. It is also a nation unforgiving of its citizenry. Citizens of the United States should avoid ever getting caught up in the penal system. Your life as a citizen will never be the same and you could pay for your “mishap” for the rest of your life. Keep your integrity intact.

Next Generation

We (adults) own the inextricable accountability to support the next generation of Black American children and under-served children. When we fall short of this very important obligation, the entire Black American race will suffer. Moreover, the chance of the current problems continuing to perpetuate will be enhanced and the shameful reality of calamity will prevail. The Black American race could become extinct.

We must get this right. In addition to the adults doing their part leading, imagine the teenager teaching his five-year-old protégé to read. The outcomes of such change will prove to be the basis for unmitigated generational wealth within the Black American race. Picture that!!!