How will The 2060S Project be executed and succeed?

The answer to this question is far more complex than the simplistic answer to the question… “what” needs to be done. This solution will require a level of coalescing that is hard to imagine achieving. Nonetheless, our goals must be accomplished. Failure is not an option.

The success of The 2060S Project will hinge on the will of hopeful Black Americans –  many of whom ancestors contributed to the founding of The United States of America. In addition, the leadership of The 2060S Project will aggressively work to engender broad support from other members of the United States citizenry – members of all races.

Given the high hurdles that must be cleared initially, the absolute (short-term) number one priority of the The 2060S Project is to strengthen the organization’s corporate structure.

Because creating “buzz” about this initiative will be paramount, we must create situations to inspire earned media attention and continue to significantly grow our front-line support teams of mentors and advocates nationally.

We will be relentlessly focused on the stated “Mission” and its sub-focus areas:

  • Creating stronger urgency
  • Strengthen the family structure
  • Eradicating illiteracy
  • Broadening intellectual capital
  • Growing economically/generational wealth
  • Reshaping cultural norms
  • Supporting next generations

With our children being the priority, we will reach them where they are – especially those with expressed needs. We will start the process of instilling The WIN Model’s seven REWARDS Life Principles in them immediately.

Success will hinge on our ability to (first) identify families with needs. Mindful of the fact parenting is administered differently in homes around the country, we will be strategic in our matching processes – no standard. This concern represents a microcosm of the challenges we will face. Nonetheless, our end-goal is to ensure parents, children, teachers, mentors and other adults with influence over children are on board with our plans to appropriately guide under-served children by providing them the following fundamentals of what is required to succeed in the United States:

  1. Being developed for ever-changing jobs in the workforce
  2. Keeping one’s integrity in check
  3. Supporting the next generation of young children

The WIN Model is the solution.

We will:

Mentoring Parents

In order to reach children where they are, we must first reach parents – who may require parenting support – where they are. Our plan is to provide national mentoring sessions, workshops and speeches on precepts from the WIN Model and the book, “Own The Change.” A goal of The 2060S Project is to have parents certified in the WIN Model via online and in person training.

Mentoring Children

With parent’s written approval, we will leverage technology to execute remote mentoring to The 2060S Project proteges.  In many cases, our proteges will be required to read the entire book “Own The Change” among other books that will be required reading. Again, the delivery of our messages will be based on precepts from the WIN Model and the book “Own The Change.” We will also have a process for young teenagers to be certified so that they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach and guide younger children and many of their peers.

Mentor and Support Teachers

We will mentor teachers and other school administrators. The focus will continue to be on precepts from the WIN Model. However, the curriculum will be (where possible) aligned with the school system’s curriculum.

It is estimated 98% of teachers/educators have never worked in corporate roles. Therefore, in addition to mentoring teachers, we will work with major Fortune companies to establish corporate summer internships for teachers. The goal will be to leverage teacher’s corporate work experience in the classroom in ways that will allow teachers to better demonstrate the concepts of workforce development to their students.

Imagine the teacher who has never coded with programming language in her life learning to code over a summer while working in an internship capacity at a manor Fortune company like PepsiCo. The teacher is successful in her role at PepsiCo and completes a small program or app that route salesman can use on the sales routes to major stores like Walmart. Now – Imagine the power of that teacher bringing that experience back to the classroom and using it as leverage to inspire more young children to take the Information Technology job development path. This internship approach could be used with math, science, marketing, sales, finance, customer service and so much more.

The possibilities are endless. The value proposition is immeasurable!

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