In this COVID-19 lock-down season, make sure your child will be ahead of the class in the Fall.

I am writing this blog to plead with those of you who have influence over children (parents, teachers, mentors, aunts, uncles, cousins, teenagers, and the like).

The intended purpose of The 2060S Project is to (first) bring the painful realities of plight in these modern-day times to the forefront of your thought processes. It is the best way to address the headwinds that hold many of us back. Headwinds that are (sometimes) self-inflicted. Second, I am hopeful, this message will engender many of you to rethink your approach to preparing our children for the future.

However, most people would rather not know the truth. People have said to me… “why do you have to air our dirty laundry?” They question me as if no one else in our country knows about the persisting calamities that happen all around us every day. So, we exist with our complacency while our children become the victims of debilitating norms passed down – norms which will become their own. That is exactly how perpetuation happens.

John 8:32… “and you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

So, I am compelled to simply share some truths with you in hopes you will set your child free of the risk of being counted in the following numbers.

Excerpt from “Own The Change – How Our Children Will Lead The Next Cultural Movement” by Ralph Harper

“According to a report titled “Shocking Facts: 23 Statistics on Illiteracy in America” (Rebecca Lake, Credit Donkey, May 12, 2016, https://www., “approximately 32 million adults in America are illiterate”—an estimated 14 percent of the population. “Between 40 and 44 million adults, or roughly 20 to 23% of adults in the U.S., are limited to reading at the basic or below basic proficiency levels.” An estimated “30 million adults aren’t able to comprehend tests that are appropriate for 10-year-olds.” The same study suggests “women are more likely to develop solid reading skills. . . Twenty percent of high school grads haven’t developed basic reading proficiency by the time they don their cap and gown.” Conversely, “kids who grow up with both parents at home score roughly 45 points higher on literacy reading assessments.”

When children don’t read, their chance of dropping out of school is enhanced. Children with both parents in the home fare better on reading assessments than children from single-parent homes. This is a very sad commentary. It’s the kind of reality that must be brought to the forefront because it is the only way to address the issue head on—an issue that absolutely must be addressed for the exceptional rewards of reading to be realized.”

During this unanticipated COVID-19 extended break from school, please do not make the mistake of allowing young children to avoid the most important activity they would normally be doing in school – learning. If this season, if your default plan for your child has been to let them play games, shoot basketball or lounge around all day doing nothing of intellectual value, please stop and regroup. You may be missing a unique opportunity to sharpen your child’s skills and learning capacity. One of the absolute best ways to do that is to ensure your child is reading every single day during this break.

I suggest children from age four up should be reading a minimum of five to ten pages per day. However the heavy hitter, Les Brown, a prominent motivational speaker, said he reads at least 30 pages per day. Please read his reasons for doing so.